The association has been founded in 1997 and it was in close cooperation with the three principal partners, that the project of the National Conservatory for Historic Vehicles could be realized. There was in the first place the Meris-Wagner family, former proprietors of the » Fabrique de Voitures Jean Wagner » in the rue de Stavelot in Diekirch, then the town of Diekirch and finally the State of Luxembourg.

The role of the partners

The garage Wagner had moved almost 10 years previously to its new buildings near the Diekirch railway station.

Although several lucrative proposals had been brought forward for the use of this property situated right in the hart of the town, the proprietors would prefer to preserve their heritage and it was in the context of a basic project integrated by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs (Sites et Monuments) into an architectural program, that the plans could be made into reality.

The town administration, led by its mayor Danièle Wagner and supported by the unanimity of the town council, was immediately interested in the project and declared itself prepared to purchase the old premises and to transform them in view of their usage as a museum.

The Government, represented by the two responsible Ministries, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, proposed to support the project under the condition that it would be integrated into the national policy for tourism and the conservation of historic monuments. To assure adherence to this latter policy, the building was declared an historic monument.

The initiators were happy to found an association to accompany the activities during the transformation phase and to accept the task of running the conservatory when the time would come.